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We design, mix and implement your audio

We're a team of skilled sound designers who work together to create immersive audio experiences for games. With a focus on sound design from monsters to gunshots, our team has a deep understanding of how audio can enhance the player's experience.

  • We have over three years of experience working in Unreal Engine, and specialize in sound design, foley recording, voice recording, and film post-production. We understand the importance of sound design in creating a truly immersive experience, and work closely with developers to ensure that every sound in their game hits the right spot.
  • Our portfolio includes selected projects we have worked on. We take pride in our ability to create realistic and dynamic audio environments that transport players into the game world.

If you're interested in our work, we would be delighted to hear from you and excited to collaborate with you on your project. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us!



What we do.

Sound design

Custom sound effect tailored especially for your project that bring your game to life, immersing players in the world you've created.

Audio implementation

We can expertly integrate sound effects and voiceovers into your Unreal Engine project, adding depth and richness to the audio experience and helping to create a fully-realized and engaging game world..

Foley recording

We can capture high-quality audio recordings of real-world sounds and create custom and original sound effects.

Remote Work

We have set up a fully equipped, professional studio for projects that require remote work.

Video post-production

We can edit and mix audio for videos, ensuring that dialogue, sound effects, and music are well-balanced and enhance the story being told.

Dialogue editing

We can clean up and optimize audio recordings of dialogue, ensuring that each line is clear and consistent with the overall audio quality of your project



Here is some of our work

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  • SoundDesign
  • Implementation
  • In-game SFX


Vojtech Effenberger

Technical Sound Designer

Marek Kubiznak

Sound Designer



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